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Focus on renewable energy, electricity market and virtual power plant. We provide you a route into China’s energy markets.

Energy Software Solutions

StarSoul provides energy software and SaaS solutions.


ElecSim is an electricity market simulation platform.


ElecTrade is an integrated trading client for energy markets.


ElecERP is an all-in-one electricity market technical supporting system.


EnergySim is a modeling software for integrated multi energy system.


EnergySee is a energy data platform with prediction functionality.

The Power Purchase Agreement - PPA

StarSoul unlocks the potential of your asset by providing you with a variety of commercial options including Fixed and Flexible Power Purchase Agreements.

Meet the needs of organizations across the energy market.

Transmission and Generation Planners, System Operators, Data and Market Analysts, Marketers and Risk Managers can easily collaborate and work across one unified tool for all planning and operation activities.
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Electricity markets have evolved to address complex economic and engineering challenges.

15 years experience

Deeply involved in China's electricity market reform

Experts in China's Energy Market

Electricity markets are designed to provide reliable electricity at least cost to consumers. Our designs satisfy the twin goals of short-run efficiency—making the best use of existing resources—and long-run efficiency—promoting efficient investment in new resources.
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